If there is one thing that we could be criticized for it is that we deviate too much from the values of boring old traditional concrete. An industry that has been around for quite awhile and one that has served us very well as a society. We have long counted on concrete companies to supply us with the infrastructure that we need to keep our world going, and for a long time they have done a great job of it.

We all come from that background, as this is a new company but with an old soul and more than 30 years of combined concrete experience at the helm. The reason we are different from other companies is that we have noticed stagnation in an industry. An industry that is tried and true, but one in severe need of an update just like the concrete that we fix.

Things are getting old and the infrastructure and ways of doing things of the old times are simply behind us. We need to look toward the future of the industry not just for the sake of our customers and their shifting demands, but the sake of our business models. We cannot continue to operate the way that we have been operating in the past, because the concrete  and asphalt worlds are changing with or without us.

Be part of the change

When you join our team of talented workers and professional customers, you are joining a movement to make the concrete industry better for everyone in Oakland, CA. Better for the people that we are serving with residential and commercial custom concrete pours and the best repair record in the state. There is a reason why we are here today being innovative, and that is because we are so familiar with how things were and how things are.

It is necessary to understand what is currently happening in order to make any significant change, and that is what we are here for. We are here to make sure that the stake of our company and the stake of our customers is built on innovation rather than being content with the way that things are. Join the movement for a better concrete world by everyone by supporting us.

There is simply nothing like leaving a job well done and we think that we can do that for you and other companies in the industry. In our time of operation we have not been followers, but leaders, leaders who understand the importance of being different while also understanding what makes the industry tick in and around Santa Rosa, CA. It’s not like everything that the industry does is bad, but we believe that with the right attention we can make it even better.